Fences around orchards protect plants and fruits from the harmful effects of heat

Tall trees erected as a fence around orchards shield the plants and fruits from the damaging effects of heat, thus gardeners should avoid pruning these trees during the summer to minimize plant damage from high heat. During summer a mixture of copper sulphate and lime should be applied to the main branches of plants as it will protect plants from the effects of heat because in this way the bark of the stem is protected from bursting.

Because newly planted plants are more susceptible to heat, shade them with reeds, straw, or sackcloth, among other things. Ploughing and hoeing in the orchard on a regular basis should be avoided since it causes the soil temperature to increase to an undesirable level, causing plant damage.

During the first few years of establishing new orchards, Jantar crops should be grown to assist minimize the effect of heat on freshly planted tiny plants, resulting in greater plant growth and a lower risk of being harmed by excessive heat. Moreover, when buying plants from the nursery, gardeners should select plants with well-developed root systems.